Amanda Tobin Design

Website Design

I have created unique websites for national organizations, flexible templates to be applied to over 100 local websites, and with attention to providing a great user experience, every time.



The client created a business that would serve as a marketing solutions provider which would also have many locally-based iterations of the site throughout the country. Looking to shake any reputation of being stuffy and outdated, they needed a clean, modern site that had high visual impact to instantly catch viewers attention and made it clear that they could deliver on the products they were selling. Utilizing bold colors and leading lines, we created a site that introduces the client in a way that reflects their talent.

I began the project by meeting with the client to discuss the direction and content areas of the site in order to gain direction on how to build a scalable, long-term web solution. The goal was to envision Salem Surround as a modern, relevant, and engaging brand and provide a better representation of the company.

We worked together to create a brand package that reflected the parent company but also gave an updated look and feel. We then utilized it across company collateral by creating branded items such as business cards and shirts.


Utilizing a custom CMS, I worked in conjunction with developers to create a user-friendly interface that is fully-responsive and has unique aspects that draw viewers down the page through each highlighted content area. The page smoothly jumps as you scroll in order to highlight each available feature with angular leaders, micro-animations to create interest, and a healthy dose of white space to help keep the page feeling fresh. We went through multiple design changes in order to hone in the color scheme, layout, and target the content more effectively.


Since this site would need to be iterated across multiple markets across the country, I focused on giving each page a space to feel like it has a local flair without having to reinvent the wheel for every new site. Each local website features a custom logo and header image to reflect their unique site, while maintaining brand integrity by retaining the same color scheme and overall layout of the page. This is further localized by providing a chat feature on the home page that allows viewers to reach out directly to ask any questions.




When tasked with creating design templates for iteration across more than 100 radio station websites, maximizing flexibility is key. I have created designs that can be customized for each market. Each one showcases a unique mix of local ministries, important events, partnering businesses, special guest speakers, and featured content. Designed to be responsive from the start and easily implemented with customization options that allow for each station to shine without feeling stale. This redesign focused on allowing the content-heavy pages to be more image-focused than text-focused, increase marketable ad space, and increase SEO friendliness.